So I don’t live anywhere really close to city lights. In fact, on a clear night I can see constellations and heavens almost just right, as if they were untouched, rightly painted there for me to enjoy the view from way down here. So the other night, I opened my curtain, pillowed my head, and glanced out into the dark sky and swoosh before my eyes 1…2…3…4… shooting stars whizzed by… so I’m like, wow, ok God, that was neat, u know like what a treat to lay down to sleep, but be met by such mystery yet beauty. So after I praised, I did what any other human would do, I Googled it. Yes I did… ”what are shooting stars”… Well, it turns out they’re not even stars… they’re rocks and debris and I just felt like my science teacher lied to me… LOL, but for real. They’re not stars at all, they’re meteors that get caught in earth’s gravitational pull… pulled into the atmosphere and as they enter it’s just too much friction that it actually makes it glow and it shoots across our night sky only to arrive on earth disintegrated and burned into dust.

After reading that so much emotion, so much inspiration arose inside of me. I felt like the Psalmist asking, “Who am I, that you are mindful of me, that you would even oblige me with glowing, shooting debris? Traveling up to 30,000 miles an hour across the sky almost like the heavens winking at me.” So I smile and think. Think about debris specifically. Debris is simply the residue of something bigger, something more vast, that somehow was broken away from the source. That debris came from something bigger and had it figured out how to stay connected maybe it would not have only shined for a moment, but for a lifetime. See call me “trying to be deep,” but I realized watching the rock whiz by (because AGAIN they are NOT stars!), that they are and were apart of something bigger, an asteroid or a comet to be exact, but there was an impact that hit, even an explosion that caused pieces of the bigger to break away, and now the bigger is in pieces and if a comet had feelings its sadly watching its pieces burn away.

I think that the grotesque beauty of life is really that we all come from something bigger and what atmosphere we get pulled into determines our shine or demise. John wrote in his gospel as Jesus proclaimed his love for fresh produce He said, “I am the vine, you are the branches, those who remain in me shall bear much fruit, apart from me you can do nothing…” now this next part was the kicker though… It says, “anyone who didn’t remain in me shall be thrown out like useless branches and these branches shall be put in a pile and BURNED.” It was the burn for me. Because the life of a meteor is just that, a burning all because it detached from what was bigger. Now you might say now PAK this meteor didn’t go on its own, you know something happened that caused the detaching… You know, I said the same thing! Was it the meteor’s fault for the explosion on the asteroid that caused it to be taken away… well as I thought I concluded it comes down to how deeply connected that rock should be. See the Bible says there will come a time where everything that can be shaken WILL BE SHAKEN. So the explosion within is inevitable and it comes down to how settled one is in the shaking. Now I’m not talking settled as in comfortable, rather, settled as in how a new construction takes its rest in
the ground, from which it is found a new home. As if to say, in yourself, This is where I belong and I’m going to hold on, I’m going to become this place and this place will become me, so when it begins shaking, I’m too deep to shake off and become debris…burning….in an atmosphere that was never meant for me

So these shooting stars, well rocks, said all that to me; as I lay in bed gazing out to the heavens and I was inspired so I wrote about it. I understand now, how Christ is the Solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.