The gospel of Matthew chapter 27 verse 45 says now from the sixth hour, until the ninth hour, there was darkness over all the land. And about the ninth hour, Jesus cried out with a loud voice saying Eli, Eli Lama. Sabachthani. That is my God. My God. Why have you forsaken me? What’s up everybody and welcome to a very special heartfelt edition of Devos With PAK.

This is a sacred time. It is Holy week. The time that we look to Jesus, we look to the cross of Calvary. We look to his death, his burial. And Oh my goodness, his resurrection, he has risen, as he said, this is the hinge point on which we hang our faith. This is what it all settles on. That Christ came, he lived a sinless spotless life and he died and he was buried.

And in that time he was buried. He went and spoiled Hale. Took the keys of death. Hell and the grave from Satan. Yeah, he conquered, he overcame. He showed that he is our champion and that wasn’t the end Sunday. He got up, he got up and he is risen. As he said, it was not always good. At the end of this. Very good.

That’s why we call it the good news of Jesus Christ. But the book of Matthew gives an account of all our Jesus went through from the garden of Gethsemane, where he prayed my God, my God, take this cup away from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but thy will be done. Jesus prayed a prayer that many of us even today have prayed.

He prayed a prayer that said, God, things are tough. Things are hard. And I know what you require of me. And it’s really hard to see this done in my life. But nevertheless, we must have that attitude just like Jesus. It’s the attitude of nevertheless, that in spite of everything, in spite of how difficult it must be to conquer the cross, it’s not my will, but thy will.

Be done. And from that very place where he prayed, even drops the blood, the Bible tells us he prayed until it was as drops of blood coming from him, crying out, pleading with God. And then he resolved that what God had purposed must be done. Soon. Later, soon here comes the soldiers to arrest them. And of course there’s always a betrayer Judas coming, seemingly.

As a sheep, but he was definitely a Wolf. He came in, kissed our savior on the cheek and they identified him, immediately arrested him. And of course there’s always a Peter, I’m sure you can attest to that. There’s a Peter in everyone’s life who defended Christ cut off the ear in the gracious savior said, Hey, there’s no need for all of that.

I must fulfill, look, God has called me to do. And so after he heals the ear of the soldier, he takes his cup. He drinks of it. Meaning he walked that walk all the way to Calvary. He was abused. He was taken before pilot. He was taken before all of the castle, he was put on trial. And of course it was a very unfair trial.

They abused him. They beat him. You know, the account that we see in movies are not the best accounts. Jesus was abused and beaten with the cat of nine tails, 39 lashes. He was beat and abused just for you and I, the Bible says, honestly, that he was unrecognizable before he even got to the cross. Before they even hung them on that tree.

He was unrecognizable after all the trial, after he was before all men, he took the cup again, made that trip up cavalry Thiel, and the Bible says he hung there. He hung there. I heard so many, so many great analogies and so many great things about. The cross of Calvary, but I tell you it was not a pretty sight.

He hung there with his arms stretch. Why he hung there taking on the of the world. We just read it. The Bible says that darkness was over the whole land as the light of the world hung on Calvary’s tree. And before it was all said and done before. He gave up his soul because the devil couldn’t take it. He had to lay down his life before he gave it up.

He cried out and say it, it is finished. It is finished. And today that is what we celebrate is that it is finished. Death is conquered. Hell is defeated. The grave is shut because Jesus finished it all, but that’s not where it stops. I know he said it is it’s finished, but that’s not where it stops. The good gospel news is that three days later, he Rose again.

And I know I’m in your Bible and it might seem very elementary, but I think we need to get back to the founding principles and the foundations that have laid us. And made us strong and who we are today. We see here, he rises again. The women went to minister to the body of Jesus to make sure everything was okay to put the spices and to do the rituals of burial in the culture.

And when they got there, they seen a big angel sitting there saying, why are you looking for the living among the day dead? He has risen, as he said he would. Isn’t it great to know that what Christ said comes to pass, whatever promise he’s made, it must come to pass in your life. And so today we sit here knowing that he is risen and he didn’t just rise.

He’s coming again. He’s coming again. And he’s coming back for you and for myself, he’s coming again. And that is good gospel news. So today, as we look at Holy week, as we look to this weekend, the resurrection, the death, the burial, and the resurrection of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We rejoice that he went to that cross.

We rejoice that he conquered death hell in the grave. We rejoice that he is risen, as he said, he would. But we rejoice that he’s coming again. So from me to you, I want to encourage you with the gospel today that Jesus is coming again, and he has risen, as he said, half the resurrection happy Easter to you and your family.