COVID-19 Info2021-03-06T17:07:29-05:00

Important Church Update

Important Church Update

Welcome to Eternal Life Harvest Center

We have our Sunday services from 10.30 am. Following the COVID-19 sanitary protocols laid down by the government, your safety is our priority and we will ensure you and your family feel comfortable and safe while attending.

You can learn more about all the safety measures put in place by reviewing our FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What measures have been put in place in regards to COVID-19 protocols?2021-03-04T12:48:18-05:00

We have a dedicated team that ensures the sanctuary is sanitised before and after services. The team also wears gloves as they hand out tithe envelopes. In addition, all flat surfaces, door handles, rails, microphones, laptops, cameras, podiums are sanitised.

At the entry points, there are temperature check points for both the adults and children.

There are sanitisation points, where hand sanitisers/soap is provided.

Also, for our conferences, the same measures are put in place to ensure that you and your family enjoy your time in the house of God.

Will I need to wear a mask?2021-03-04T12:50:38-05:00

We are asking all members to wear masks as they enter the building and adhere to the social distance measures put in place by the church.

In addition to wearing a mask, members are required to pass by the temperature checkpoints to get their temperature checked.

These measures are to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable as they worship.

How will Harvest Center practise social distance?2021-03-04T12:55:03-05:00

Seats have been marked to indicate where one should sit to keep the required distance. Also on the floors, there are markings to guide people where to stand to avoid crowding.

How is Harvest Center cleaning its facilities?2021-03-04T12:55:19-05:00

There are regular cleanings in between gatherings to ensure proper sanitization. There are pre and post checklists put in place which are filled and signed.

The rest rooms, mothers room undergoes routine cleaning to ensure everyone is comfortable.

Will there be iKids available for my children?2021-03-04T12:58:20-05:00

Yes. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for your children while you attend service.

What safety precautions and procedures can I expect for my children?2021-03-04T12:58:39-05:00
  • The teachers have ensured individual packaging of food and snacks for your children.
  • Mask and temperature checks are conducted for all iKids volunteers.
  • Temperature checks conducted for all children and parents during iKids check-in.
  • Hand sanitising and washing of hands is encouraged before entering the iKids area.
  • Seats, toys, screens used by the children are sanitised regularly.
  • The Volunteers and teachers are sanitising and washing hands often.
Is there an experience for the youth?2021-03-04T12:59:00-05:00

The youth group, YAC, have not been left out. They meet online and have discussions and worship together.

I’m new to Eternal Life Harvest Center, how do I get connected?2021-03-04T12:59:22-05:00

You can visit our website and fill out a connect card and we’ll be in contact with you. You can also join our online family on facebook and youtube by searching eternal life harvest center.

What has/is Harvest Center doing during this time to serve the community?2021-03-04T12:59:44-05:00

Eternal Life Harvest Center has been actively involved in the community in that, the church during the pandemic, created parking lot services where people came to worship and experience God as they observed the COVID-19 protocols, our Youth (FIREBRAND NATION) have been handing out clothes, food to the less fortunate in the society especially this winter season.

We have conducted street evangelism, where we take the gospel to the streets and pray for people while still observing the guidelines set by the government.

From Pastor Evans and Ashley Kariuki

Thank you for checking out  Eternal Life Harvest Center. We would love to see you in one of our services. We look forward to seeing you. This is a place you can call home, where we, Love God Love Others Passionately.