Mile 20: #PAKranamarathon

Dear Diary, I ran a marathon... well half, but marathon nonetheless. Literally clear across town running on streets that I only drive on everyday, through beautiful landscapes, sidewalks barely paved, and greenways...

Mile 20: #PAKranamarathon2021-10-08T22:08:26-05:00

Spoken Word Let Freedom Ring

We the people give permission… We LET Freedom Ring. We allow it to resound in this wonderful country of America. A land of promise, a land of opportunity, God’s land. We allow freedom to send a sound through the atmosphere and corridors of every city of every state, from mountain to valley from ocean to ocean, we let freedom ring.

Spoken Word Let Freedom Ring2021-07-04T22:01:48-05:00

Shooting Stars

So I don't live anywhere really close to city lights. In fact, on a clear night I can see constellations and heavens almost just right, as if they were untouched, rightly painted there for me to enjoy the view from way down here.

Shooting Stars2021-06-07T12:56:17-05:00

Hello 37: A Tale of Two Ashleys

One of my favorite quotes in American literature is found in the opening text of the classic novel, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. He opened this novel with the revelation that life doesn’t always appear as it seems. It says...

Hello 37: A Tale of Two Ashleys2021-05-13T10:36:21-05:00

Motherhood the Real Hood

So if you know anything about me, PAK was raised in what is considered an inner city community; the not so good side of the tracks; basically I was raised in the hood. I seen the “mean streets” and knew the people that made them mean...

Motherhood the Real Hood2021-05-13T10:36:42-05:00

Sunrise Service

When I was a little girl, I remember on Easter Sunday being woken up at 5am! Yes, little 10 year old me up at 5am, after a late night of hot combs, Blue Magic hair grease, ironing clothes, making sure your slip still fit right, ...

Sunrise Service2021-04-05T09:24:45-05:00

Dear March

Dear March, What’s up, I believe you're well... Today is your last day and I just thought I would put pen to paper or tap to keys and write you today and let you know this year specifically just how much you mean to me...

Dear March2021-04-05T09:24:08-05:00